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Get your move off to the best possible start with Royton Removals Moving Guide, house packing can be a time consuming and tiring affair, so you can use our practical tips and advice to make it a little easier.

Pack your house early

The more you get rid of when moving house, the less boxes you will have to move and unpack, so use this as a good excuse for a good clear out. Take unwanted items to a charity shop, sell them at a car boot sale or online, you can put the proceeds towards furniture for your new home.

Moving home is an excuse for a clear out


  • Tape up any kitchen knifes, scissors and  cutting tools to avoid puncture of any boxes or injury when unpacking.

  • Let the removal company wrap any fragile items as they are qualified to handle them with care and use professional tissue paper and bubble wrap to protect them.

  • Use pre-ordered boxes from the removal company or use suitcases as packing boxes as these are the most resilient during transport.

Pack as much as you can ahead of moving day, items that you don't use on a daily basis can be packed up well in advance as you can never anticipate how long the packing process could take.


You may also want to consider the removal company’s offer of the packing and unpacking option as this could save time and you will have peace of mind knowing that your items are packed in the safest way.

Useful hints and tips

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